Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Tata Power [BOM500400] - Update

Please refer earlier post on Tata Power.

On 6th, Tata power closed above 68 and breached the daily supply zone R2. And on 7th, it closed above 70 breaching the weekly supply zone R1. The close has also violated the trendline T1. However, there are two more trading sessions for weekly close. The closes in past two/three weeks has respected the trend line T2.

On monthly chart, following are two supply zones.
   Supply zone [R3]: 86.8 ~ 92.4
   Supply zone [R4]: 104.7 ~ 115.15
   Monthly trend: DOWN

The daily close on 7th is right of the monthly trend line (green line on monthly chart). The next two trading sessions are important for,
   1. closing above the R1 and R2, and
   2. testing the monthly trend line.

Closing above the monthly trend line with open up the possibility of testing the R3 zone.

Disclosure: I am holding tata power shares.

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