Sunday, October 4, 2015

Welcome to desiBULLZ!

desiBULLZ is all about learning about investing in indian stocks. I shall post about the investment windows provided by companies with great track record. The posts will contain well-researched investment plans which can be executed by a novice. However, these are neither trading tips nor get-rich-fast schemes.

We shall focus on positional calls ie, buy stocks at the lowest possible price, get delivery in your Demat account, wait for some time and sell those at the highest possible price. The holding period of an investment may vary from a couple of weeks to years. The investments will be tracked and reviewed frequently to keep tab of progress and keep it safe from adverse market conditions.

I am not trying to sell my ideas nor promising a money-making plan. This is my honest and responsible endeavour to learn about investing. I have started trading/investing in Indian markets since 2006. But, the spark of investment in share market rooted my mind when I was in BE. However, I hadn’t  been systematic. With this blog, a journal of end-to-end investment cycle - from buying to selling, I promise myself to be thorough and disciplined. Is there any better way to keep a record of one's learning and share with family and friends than blogging...?

Sharing my ideas makes be an effective learner. And, who knows I may get a lesson or two from my readers. Sharing is cool and bold at the same time. Let the fun begin!

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